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Currently, when a company thinks about overseas investment, surely Vietnam is one of the potential countries for their investment. What is the reason? Because Vietnam have many special advantages such as a political stability, the nationality, low labor cost, cheap water and electric cost, a qualified abundant labor force.
In the context of global economic uncertainty, we will help you to start your business in Vietnam with a low initial investment.
At AMV rental factory, we provide you with high-quality factories near Hanoi to meet all the needs of new company. We have also prepared the optimal environment that can accommodate manufacturing conditions for precision products and so forth.
* Companies that want to reduce the initial investment
* Companies that do not require a large factory
* Companies that have no professional staffs in the first overseas investment
We also provide supporting in obtaining investment Licence, administrative procedures for doing business, machines installation, interior work and others.
We believe that, in the future, we can provide fine-grained services for those who are considering investment opportunities in Vietnam.

factory leasing project

* Address: Hoa Mac Industrial Park, Ha Nam province
* Land area: 2.2 hectares
* Factory scale: Available from 1,000m2 to 3,000m2 with office building
*Ancillary facilities: office area, meeting rooms, toilet, campus lighting system, electrical outlet, campus firefighting system, high-pressure equipment on site, fresh water
, drainage, parking area, fence, Telephone line, Internet
* Other facilities: a general management office, a Japanese restaurant, canteen,
02 guard rooms (24 hours security)
* Other services: Supports on Investment license application, administrative procedures, tenants meeting
(Japanese applicable), Interior works, machines installation, tax & accounting, human resource, introduction to specialized associations


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